Hoo roo and Ma te wa


Frances here – Barb’s wife. It’s as if writing makes it real, so I don’t want to do this.

Barb passed away last night. She was at home, in bed, where she had wanted it to end.

This blog became a bit part of her life – she loved sharing her thoughts and I loved reading them along with all of you.

For those of you who would like to stay connected, I plan to post some of Barb’s short stories in coming weeks. Take care and thanks for reading.

Barb loved the Tao Te Ching – so I will leave you with this quote from Lao Tzu:

To live till you die

is to live long enough

23 thoughts on “Hoo roo and Ma te wa

  1. So very sad to hear that Barb has died Frances. I remember the excited mystery which you two cloaked yourselves in when you first got together. Taking delight in each other which has lasted long. Your loving and supportive relationship has shifted to a different level but may it continue to nourish and sustain you. Much love, Julie

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  2. Such sad news, I never had the pleasure of meeting Barb but loved reading her news, especially her joy when you both married. Remembering Barb with affection, and thinking of you.

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  3. Hello France’s (indeed Barb’s wife) & how happy we all were to hear of that happy event .
    Frances ,, you Barb families & friends are on our minds constantly.
    We are all very sad for you & your great loss.
    What an amazing team you formed such great love, inclusiveness
    Thoughtfulness & oh the incredible writings that kept appearing .
    The idea of ” The Departure Lounge ” was so apt. .
    Barb left us with so many lessons on life & insight into often confronting issues
    She was a wonderful mentor / role model to many)
    I miss her wisdom & humour already
    France’s how lucky was Barb
    to have your unconditional love ,& years of very special love & care.

    This is my second attempt to talk to you ,since your great loss
    I guess through my tears I probably pushed the wrong button
    I shall see you on Monday
    Our thoughts are with you

    Special love from the “,Terara Shepherds”

    Col Jules kate Louise Stephen & David & theirs Xox

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  4. Dear Frances, I am so sorry to hear that Barb has died. I’m glad to hear you and Barb got married. It was lovely visiting you both at Currarong many moons ago. Thinking of you. Arohanui Ses

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  5. Dear Frances,
    Not sure you will remember me and Roxy Bent my partner then and now.
    Many years since I’ve seen you and BArb . I remember you both so well. Such brilliant women.
    I am thinking of you from the Adelaide Hills. I am so sad that Barb isn’t with us anymore much love to you

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    • Frances here. Hi Margie – Of course I remember you and Roxy. Thanks for your kind thoughts and message. I wish
      Barb could see all the messages I’ve been getting. She was such a special person – I still can’t believe she’s gone xx


  6. Dear Frances,
    Knowing you and Barbara has been a gift that kept giving through so many years. I live far away now but you both have regularly entered my thoughts with strong and happy memories of long-ago times shared. I cried today when I read Barbara’s last message to me a few weeks ago on your Fbook page: she was so thoughtful and kind in those words. I left these comments in reply, from a fav ABBA track (sorry Barb, not Van Morrison – forgive me): “Birds of passage, you and me. We fly instinctively. Thanks for all your generous love and thanks for all you’ve done.” Love always to Barb for all she gave and love to you Frances. You two remain, always, as women who have inspired me – and so many others.
    Love, Ian. x

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  7. Hello Frances, so sorry to hear of Barb’s passing, I’m devastated to have missed her send off last week but must say I had a prolonged lingering from a big grouper as I surfed and mused at memories of Barb’s quips and observations. I’ve sent off many waves in her direction over the past few years. She reminds me to think of others and that God « god » is in us as a wave is in the ocean.
    I’m hoping you are ok, whatever that means in such a sad time. Thanks for sharing here in your grief love Pam

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  8. Hello Frances – just a few words to say I read your obituary to your wife Barbara in yesterday’s SMH. It brought tears to my eyes to remember her, the friend I never met, who was so stalwart, so erudite and so wry.

    We all struggle to carry on after our beloved companions die, and time is only a partial and begrudging healer, I don’t care what anyone says to the contrary. I hope you find a small solace in the fact that she will be remembered by so many, so fondly.

    Kindest regards,

    Kristina – known to a lovely lady as ‘Glow Worm’.

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  9. Frances here – Hi Kristina – Barbara did always talk about you in glowing terms. I’ve had some wonderful feedback about Barb and getting that whole page obit in the SMH was just amazing. I’m so glad I could do that for her. It is difficult at the moment, the days are long and even if I have lots of things to do I don’t feel like doing them half the time. But I do enjoy hearing from everyone whose lives Barb touched xx

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