Barbara Farrelly

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  1. Barbara – Good morning my friend. I received being tagged by our dear friend Huntie to participate in the Blog Tour. I wish to tag you in my blog tour. If you are willing and wish to participate, please let me know and I’ll send you the information for participation. It’s really not all that bad. This is not an award. It’s an opportunity to meet some of the best bloggers out there in cyber space that has the opportunity to enrich our lives. You are one of most prolific writers I have the privilege of reading. I’ll be looking forward to your answer. I’ll send you the directions of the 4 questions you need to answer, etc. if you’d like to participate. I so hope you do. Sheri P.S. My blog is due June 2 and yours would be due the following Monday. Thank you dear one. Sheri

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  2. Yea, yea – Let’s sing loudly and before May is over we must dance around the May pole. I’ll write out the brief instructions to give you a bit of time to prepare your blog. You are such an elegant writer, you’ll have a snappy post in no time at all. I wanted to bring only the best ‘to the table’ and you, my dear, are definitely at my table.


  3. Gday, Bloody brilliant sister! Yes what have we dome to deserve Abbot? Well for a start all those wannabe middle-mnagers & self appointed big-noters who think it’s great to piss on those less fortunate. It’s so embarrassing for Australia to have such a goofy ape for a PM. Anyhow keep em coming people, we gotta speak out or we’ll be stuffed.

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  4. Hello Barbara.

    I’m so reluctant to intrude into a place where you may rather be alone – or with those you love.

    But I want for nothing more than to wish you well … warmth, and comfort and solace if you are unwell. I would also fancy to send prayers, but god and I ceased (long ago) to have any dialogue that I could call upon at times like these.

    You are an intelligent, vibrant, funny woman. In the short time I have known you, I have reveled in your warmth and easy camaraderie that made all the other, silly distractions of our blogging life nonsensical.

    Don’t feel you need to reply – I just hope that a few words from a ‘cyber-friend’ can make you smile.

    Fondest, Glow Worm

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  5. Hi Barbara. I dropped in again to see how your blogs were doing. And really love reading them. I like the style you write them. From one old writer to another. 😉 Breathe Easy my friend. And hope you enjoyed them olympics.


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