Good Night Dear Man

I walked with Bill a little while,
he liked to share his ‘soft smile’.
Thank you Bill, you were much loved and you will be much missed. Re-reading your last post but one, I can see you were saying goodbye. This is what you wrote less than a week ago:

“This will be my 302th post in the 2 plus years I have been writing this blog. Over that period I have accumulated 378 “followers,” I have received over 2,000 comments and have responded to 98 percent of them so my total comments are over 4,000, and I have been viewed over 16,500 times.
If I could I would write an individual note to each of the people who follow me for whatever reason they do and thank them personally. I would. I would take that moment and say without them, without their support, without their comments, this blog may have died on the vine. So collectively thank you. Thank you for the time you spend with me, thank you for reading my words and sometimes sharing them with your followers. I also want to thank you for each and every comment including the smiley faces and kisses. Sometimes so much can be said with an emotional icon.”

The Chatter Blog

Chatter Master and Flaham

Good night dear man.

The air is fresh

Your free

To breathe.

Sing.  Laugh.



With the wind.

On the wind.


Dear Beautiful Man!

Breathe Free.


Good Night from here Dear Man.

Forever,  you are free.

Meeting Bill

Bill Hamilton

Bill Hamilton of

Passed away peacefully today.

At the request of his beloved wife I am sharing this information.

Please notify any blogging friends that you may know of who knew Bill.

WordPress has lost a very good, and dear, friend.

I will breathe easier, each breath, knowing you breathe free tonight dear man.

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2 thoughts on “Good Night Dear Man

  1. I called Bill on the carpet a bit for this post – I told him he sounded like he was saying goodbye & did I need to be worried about him.
    My comment to him: If you hadn’t rated this week as a 2.75 prior to your thank you, I might have been worried about you after reading this post. This is the kind of post you write when you’re on your last legs or contemplating suicide. Since hospice care seems to think you don’t need the jacket with extra long sleeves, I’m going to put this down to a moment of melancholy or a reaction to your stats. As always, it is a pleasure to read your posts!
    His answer to me: Benze, WOW!!! Let me be quite clear I have no intentions of committing suicide, so that is completely off the table. LOL LOL. But it is never off the table to thank those that visit, comment or follow. I will be forever grateful to those who have made me a part of their lives. It is such a wonderful feeling inside. So my dear, that thanks was meant for you in the most sincere way I could have said it. Please take care and be safe. Bill
    I didn’t know those would be his last words to me. My heart is very heavy tonight. I will miss him!

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  2. Benz, it is a remarkable exchange.
    Bill’s post affected me similarly. He was weighing things up, that’s for sure. I am sadder than I could have imagined. These cyber connections can be very deep. Take care.


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