Speechless . . .

Dyspnea . . .perfect casual gear for lung exams, with built-in cotton wool. Nose hose snakes nicely through bodice area.

Dyspnea . . .perfect casual gear for lung exams, with built-in cotton wool. Nose hose snakes nicely through bodice area.

Dyspnea is the medical term for laboured, gaspy breathing.  It is the harrowing sensation of being starved of oxygen, which is why Dyspnea is also called ‘Air Hunger’.   What a cool name for a clothing label! At least that’s what two young  Perth designers have come up with—Dyspnea, for frocks that leave you gasping, I guess.

Today’s SundayLife magazine covergirl, Sydney supermodel Emma Balfour, is shown wearing the $2000 Dyspnea gown for a breathlessly told story about how she’s making a comeback to the catwalk.  The supermodel is shown leaning on a horse—an animal which, spookily, can also develop emphysema. Why the long face Emma? (boom boom). Of course we all know that when you’re that puffy you’ll lean on any old thing to catch your breath.

Emma Balfour wears Dyspnea.

Emma Balfour wears Dyspnea.

What next? Labels like Anorexia, Sarcoma, Leprosy or Melanoma? How cool. How about  Tachycardia, for garments that make your heart race.   The Dyspnea gown and  Tachycardigan could work well together. Nice for those late night impromptu  ER visits.

. . . Speechless. Over to you Weird Al with Word Crimes, just released.


4 thoughts on “Speechless . . .

  1. Barbara, sad smile, the only thing that made sense to me was the new Weird Al’s “Wprd Cro,es.” I am 64 and for the life of me I don’t get fashion at all. I have seen runway after runway, and I can say I have never seen any of those cloths on “real” people. Your point about potential future labels is scary, (What next? Labels like Anorexia, Sarcoma, Leprosy or Melanoma) but now that you have put it out there I wouldn’t be that surprised to see it as a line of clothing in the years to come. Barbara, hope your day gets better, and that you have had a good weekend. Please take care, Bill

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  2. The casual (and callous?) stupidity of these designers choosing such a name for their label left me breathless too Barb. Even if it seemed like a cute quirky name to them, didn’t anyone think to look it up in a dictionary?
    And I loved Weird Al’s comments about the misuse of language, grammar, syntax and punctuation. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who still cares. As a former English teacher, I often find myself wishing I still had that red pen in my hand when I enter the supermarket and see: Todays special’s: arpicot’s $2.95 🙂


  3. Biowoman are you serious? They called themselves Dyspnea (meaning difficulty breathing)… not Cancer or HIV??!! get a grip woman.


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